Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon

It’s finally time for an upgrade from my old Droid Bionic. Locked boot-loaders, delayed updates, etc. are hopefully a thing of the past (although the Galaxy S4 also has a locked boot-loader for now). I’ve also not owned a Samsung device since the smartphone revolution began. So, I’m pretty excited to get the phone that’s sold over 10 Million units in the first month after release.  Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon

SkyTex SkyTab Gemini

SkyTex Gemini BoxI received the brand new SkyTex SkyTab Gemini 7″ Tablet the other day. At first glance, a very solid feeling (almost heavy) tablet.

The Gemini comes with ICS 4.0.3 installed and has an unlocked boot.img so rooting isn’t really required. It doesn’t come with GApps for some reason, but they are easy enough to install. My first experiences with the tablet are that it is sluggish and the graphics are poor. I also have some issues with the responsiveness of the touch screen. It gets jittery, especially when trying to use multi-touch.

I will be contacting support at my first convenience, as I’ve read that there are issues that they can fix. So, before giving a bad review, I’ll give them an opportunity to resolve my issues.  Continue reading SkyTex SkyTab Gemini

Droid Bionic Gets Close to ICS Release with 6.7.230 Leak

I have successfully upgraded my Bionic to the latest 6.7.230 ICS leak and I have to say it looks pretty much done. I have enjoyed the leak since the .2233 leak appeared and have been pretty satisfied with the stock ICS Motorola experience. Don’t get me wrong, I must be rooted because I can’t stand not being able to remove the applications (Let’s Play Golf) that I don’t use, but after trying a custom ROM for the leak, I quickly went back to stock.

For those who are courageous, you can get instructions on how to get yourself some real Ice Cream Sandwich love over at the droidHive here.  Once you grab the leak from the RomBot, you can head here for some good info on how to downgrade and systematically upgrade without loosing any data or settings (assuming you are on one of the other leaks).  Continue reading Droid Bionic Gets Close to ICS Release with 6.7.230 Leak

Th3ory’s ICS4BIONIC Alpha 6 Gains Radios

Breakthrough at last! @Dhacker29 and team have had a major breakthrough. With ICS4BOINIC ALPHA6 Preview, they now have working WiFi, CDMA and BlueTooth. They have also added Google Tools, etc. Sound and Camera are still not working, as well as 3g/4g, but I expect they will get these working soon. There is a Featured Video to the left that shows how to install and run ICS4Bionic Alpha 6. Take a look to see if you want to dive in. Meanwhile, take a look at the screen shots below and have fun! Continue reading Th3ory’s ICS4BIONIC Alpha 6 Gains Radios

Ice Cream Sandwich for the Bionic (Alpha, anyway)

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Thanks to @DHacker29, we now have ICS4BIONIC Alpha 3 Preview (source here).  Can’t use SD-Card yet, no radios, camera, etc. Just look and feel preview. The Alpha 3 is the first really stable (graphics and force-closes are gone) version.

If you want step-by-step instructions for installing this on your Bionic, click read more below. Make sure you use SafeStrap from Hash of Codes here before you begin.  This is only a preview folks, so don’t expect your phone to actually work after you flash this ROM (thus, the use of SafeStrap).

These instructions assume that you have already rooted your Droid Bionic.

Continue reading Ice Cream Sandwich for the Bionic (Alpha, anyway)

Rumor Mill – Ice Cream Sandwich for Bionic???

Well, for our first rumor mill post, I hear that some of our favorite developers are at the stage of booting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for the Droid Bionic. I must say, it has me salivating because I own one of these!

The only non-native port I’ve seen so far is one for the Samsung Galaxy IIs that seemed to disable all radios, so it had a long way to go to actually be useful. It looked really nice though and had the full feature set of ICS, just no way to update contacts, use wi-fi, or make a call.

I can’t wait to see what the Th3ory guys do with ICS! Keep up the good work guys.